About Peglana

This type of sausages is premium product, manufactured from the best quality of different kind of meat, mixed with spices. It is assumed that dates back to the time of the Ottoman empire. For making Peglana sausages commonly used carefully selected pieces of goat, sheep and beef meats, that is to say lenten meats. For many people, the best is donkey meat. Absolutely, do not use pork meat for two reasons: first - because it is easy and fast rotten meat and the other reason is the origin, related to the Ottoman period, and its corresponds to the feeding of Muslims. The meat is separated from all vessels, fat, and other unwanted impurities (that means that goes only parts of the highest quality meat), minced and mixed with spices.

Peglana must be hot or at least discreetly hot, because her magic is in hot spices, specificity and diversity of taste.

After filling, sausage is tied and form in U shape, and dried in a draft. Threatened by climate Pirot region, the optimal temperature should be between minus five and plus five degrees, no humidity and a great frost. For that reason, the best period for production of a Peglana is beginning of November - late December. During the drying period, sausages every two or three days are ironed or pressed, usually whit a bottle - which is why this kind of sausage is called Peglana, after which take the form of a horseshoe. In English Peglana means ironed. But as Pirot Peglana sausage is recognizable brand, it makes no sense to give English name. Pressing with a bottle, the unnecessary water is ejected from the sausage and it ensures longevity.

This is a completely organic product - No preservatives, no additives or artificial colors, no heat treatment, no exposure to smoke.